“Naturally, our human mom can never adopt a dog that doesn’t have a tragic backstory.   Our natural doggie mom’s name is Margo. Her owners were going to euthanize her because she had only 3 paws but FurKid Rescue got wind of this & convinced these fools to release Margo into their custody. They were going to do fundraising for her & take her to a vet in the area who specializes in prosthetic paws. Margo also suffered from a horrible skin condition, so they gave her some drugs to clear it up. In about a month her skin looked beautiful, but one of the volunteers noticed that her stomach looked sooo big. Turns out she was pregnant & no one knew.  Margo had 5 puppies — all with birth defects due to the drugs she had been given, and one even had to be euthanized immediately because he had no roof to his mouth. The rest of us all have harelips & cleft palates, which increased our cuteness level off the charts.”  – Mr. BoJangles and DogZilla

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“I don’t know what the heck we are. People guess we’re a mixture of Boston Terrier, French Bulldog, & Pug. I’m fawn & white, & I rock a magnificent overbite.” – Bo

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“I’m brindle. You’d never believe that Bo & I are related because we look nothing alike. I have teeth hanging out of my face, my nose is almost split in half, I snort all the time, but even on your best day you could never be as cute as me.” – Zilla

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I can’t stand the cuteness of these two pups.  I first met their human parents a few years ago when I was invited to their cabin for Charm’s Tribute Session.  Her story took a fantastic improvement when she was adopted by Matt and Clara.  Thank you for all that you do to help these animals that are often overlooked Matt and Clara!  It is a honor to continue meeting these incredible animals.

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