“My daddy named me this because I looked like a baby bear when I was a pup! I am the ultimate princess. I love my family and other dogs but sometimes I get wary of people I don’t know because I’m part chow.Mommy always tells me I’m a special, one of a kind mix made just for her.  I follow her around the house and sit under her desk while she works.  I am literally the perfect dog.”  – Baby Bear

dog photos in the snow-197

“My parents could NOT agree on a name for me! Daddy wanted to name me Batman or John Wayne and mommy wanted Tucker or Winston. Finally, dad agreed to Winston but only if my full name was Winston Churchill.  I LOVE SNOW! And being outside! I am also a working dog so I never get tired. Everything is a game to me and I LOVE to bark. The sound of my voice is music to my ears. I’m very smart and determined to get what I want. I love chasing squeaky toys, I love bones, anything I can chew on! I love trying to get treats of out my Kong. And when mommy isn’t looking…I like to chase our cat Sydney.” – Winston

dog photos in the snow-198

It was such a pleasure to meet these two pups and this fabulous couple.  We had a blast during our winter session on a snowy golf course in North Park.

dog photos in the snow-196


Baby Bear was OBSESSED with hunting something in the snow.  It wasn’t until we were walking back to the car that we saw one, moles!  There was an entire mole community happening under that snow!


dog photos in the snow-195

We reconvened in a warm and sunny June day in downtown Pittsburgh for part 2 of our session.  You see, these two are smart and they have since moved to sunny Florida….and are loving it!

dog photography at the point-194

Our urban session was a great way to capture some images of Pittsburgh for them to remember their time here.  Even better they chose the perfect way to enjoy the snow all year long…..a gorgeous 40×40 canvas over their new Florida fireplace.

Screen Shot 2016-02-18 at 2.18.03 PM

PS.  A quick shout out to Kati, Baby Bear and Winston’s mom.  This woman is an inspiration.  While she is in a completely different business then me, she is also self-employed and living the dream.  When I see new posts from her it’s always helps me be thankful for this incredible job of mine and the flexibility of working for myself and being able to spend my time doing what I love and with the people that I love.  Thank you for the continued inspiration Kati! xoxo