“My name is King Oberon, but everyone calls me Oby.  I was originally bred in Maryland, sold as a cross-country mount as shipped to New Mexico as a 6 year old.  The climate in NM didn’t suit me however (I had a sand colic or two, and the dry air was burdensome) and my breeder took me home to the East where conditions were more complimentary.  I was then purchased and owned for 4 years by the breeder’s friend, and was well-cared for and ridden in New Jersey.  I introduced this owner to dressage.  When she needed to downsize her herd, I was the most likely horse to be sold because I was well-trained and the most marketable.  With much regret, she sold me to my current owner.  I have allowed her to own me for 3.5 years now.”

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“I am a 16.1h grey Andalusian and Trakehner cross, with a large birthmark on my left shoulder area.  The birthmark is tied to an ancient legend.  I am full-chested and barreled, and very muscular.  I am incredibly strong, and bold, and a quiet, confident leader amongst the other horses on my farm.   Rarely, though, am I involved in a scuffle or altercation; there is little drama with me.”  – Oby

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I met Jane and Oby on a lovely farm near Saxonburg on a warm and gorgeous morning.  Photographing clients with their horses is such an honor and something that I so very much wished that I had the opportunity to do with my horses that are now long gone.  I only have a handful of official show images of them, but barely any of us together on the farm….which is where we created so many memories and spent so many years together.

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Don’t wait too long to create archival artwork of you and your equine partner.  The horses have shed their winter coats and the fields are lush and green.  Now is the perfect time to hold your own Equine Session!