As my daughter grows up I hope that she continues to share a passion that Mackenzie and I both share, the love of horses.  Very few other sports can teach such responsibility, compassion, work ethic, and sportsmanship just to name a few, and while equestrian sports have traditionally been individual sports, there has always been a team feeling when cheering on your barn mates.  Many of the horse people that I know have grown to become incredible adults, and I know that Mackenzie will also follow this pattern.

senior with horse photography pittsburgh-185

You would never know that we were dodging rain drops for Mackenzie’s senior photography session, which included her very special equine partner Yolanda.  Not only does Mackenzie show Yolanda in the jumper ring, but she is a very talented field hockey player and is looking forward to playing for Bucknell University in 2015.  In addition, they are both absolutely gorgeous…..

senior with horse photography pittsburgh-183

I spent the majority of my teen years doing exactly this…..just spending time at the barn with my horse and my friends.  I wouldn’t trade those memories for anything, and how I wish I had the time to be there daily still today.  Capturing these memories is something that you will not regret, I promise you.  I wish more then anything that I had the opportunity to create images like this of me and my horse.  Don’t you?

senior with horse photography pittsburgh-184

Nicole Begley Photography is excited to offer senior photography sessions in the Pittsburgh area to girls who love to spend their days with hay stuck to their pants and horse hair all over their car.