The Sessions

A Nicole Begley Photography experience is fully customizable to create the images that capture your animal’s unique personality.  Working on-location throughout the Charlotte, NC region, we will create custom contemporary artwork that will look gorgeous in your home. 

Our session fees work a bit differently, namely – there aren’t any!  The Signature and Artisan sessions have a non-refundable reservation retainer to hold a space for your session.  Magically, 100% of that reservation retainer transforms into a product credit during our ordering appointment!  

Signature Session


  • Custom location
  • Custom date
  • 90-minute session
  • 30-40 final images to choose from
  • $499 product credit

Artisan Session


  • Predetermined location
  • Specific date
  • 30-minute session
  • 10-20 final images to choose from
  • $99 product credit
Artisan Session Dates

  • Will return in May 2019.
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The Products

Wall Art

Art is what makes a house a home…and what better way to dress up those walls than with images that mean the world to you?  Wall art is the signature piece from a Nicole Begley Photography session, and it’s what most of our clients choose to invest in.  We offer a variety of styles and finishes, starting at $549.

Gallery Collections

Looking to create a statement wall in your home?  Creating a wall grouping is the perfect solution.  Choose from a variety of pre-designed options or create a custom design for your unique space.  The gallery collections are available in any of the wall art style options.  Pricing varies.

Albums and Image Boxes

This is how many of our clients choose to display the majority of their images from the session.  Whether they choose a gorgeous coffee table book or a unique bamboo image box, the result is the same…a unique way to showcase the images that we created together.  We offer a variety of styles and finishes, starting at $599.

The Extras

From unique desk displays to archival prints to high-resolution digitals…we’ve got you covered!  This is the perfect icing on your pet photography cake.  These products start at $119.

Create Your Own Collection

You know what’s even better than having no session fee?  How about having the opportunity to create a collection that consists of EXACTLY what you want…and nothing that you don’t?  Can I get an Amen!  Our pricing is as simple as 1…2…3…

Step 1:

Choose at least one Signature Wall Portrait.  This can be any style, 16×20 or larger.

Step 2:

Choose at least two additional products…any products!

Step 3:

Save BIG – take 25% off of your TOTAL investment!

It's your pet's time to shine....

They give us unconditional love, let's create artwork that will last a lifetime.

My dog is a little (insert adjective here; hyper, shy, nervous) so he will never cooperate for a session.

Yes!  Approximately 98.9% of the pups that grace these pages are your everyday companions.  They may or may not listen to sit or stay and that is JUST FINE!  My camera will capture them at 1/1000th of a second so they truly do not have to be quiet or still.  Additionally, my background is with animal behavior and animal training so I am prepared to handle your dog’s personality.  It’s important to discuss any possible behavior challenges during the pre-session consultation, but sometimes no-one knows the dog is terrified of the sound of the shutter!  Whatever the case, we will spend some extra time with your four-legged family member to get them comfortable with me and my camera using positive reinforcement techniques.

I love those outdoor shots but my dog can't be off-leash.
The safety of our clients is the number one priority during our session and the only dogs that should come off-leash are the ones that their owners are 110% confident in their ability to recall their pet in that particular situation.  In certain situations, like urban shooting, we keep even the most well behaved dogs on their leash for safety.  We can also use the special long line during our session to capture some action shots but still ensure they are safe and sound.  All leashes will be magically removed in Photoshop from any ordered image at no additional charge.
If I have my horse photographed, can you photograph my senior pictures at the same time?
Yes!  I LOVE photographing high school senior sessions with their horse….because that was me.  I LIVED at the barn during high school and I don’t have the images to remember that time in my life.  In addition to creating the images of you and your horse, we will also create more traditional senior photos.  We can even add a second location and travel to another locale for your images.  I am happy to assist you in arranging a hair and makeup artist to help you feel your best.
Can my equine session include under saddle images?
Of course!  All sessions are custom designed and tailored to exactly what you are hoping to create and capture.
What is a Nicole Begley Photography experience like?
The first step is getting in touch with me and letting me know you would like to learn more!  I’ll give you a call and we will go over the process, the products, and plan a perfect custom session for your fabulous four-legger.  Once you are ready to confirm a date, a signed session agreement and reservation retainer will hold a place on my calendar just for you!

Prior to our session, we can hold our pre-session consultation over the phone or in my home studio in Cornelius.  This is where we decide on how you may best like to display your images so I can be sure to plan the perfect session for you.  Don’t worry, it’s not a final decision, but I do shoot a session for an album differently than if you are looking for one large stunning wall piece.  We will also settle on our session location, discuss more details about your pet, and reserve a date for our Session Premier.

The session itself can be held at my home studio or one of the myriad of locations around Charlotte.  My absolute favorite place to shoot is in urban environments, and Romare Bearden Park in uptown Charlotte is one of my favorites.  If you don’t want to venture into the city, then we can create the same look in one of the many towns around the area, such as Davidson.  Of course, if your dog loves to be on the water we should definitely consider a session on the shores of Lake Norman!  So many options!

The Session Premier is held approximately 2 weeks after your session at my home studio in Cornelius.  We will go over all of your images, choose your favorites, eat chocolate, and finalize your order together.  I will then move your files into production and produce gorgeous custom archival artwork that you will love for a lifetime.  Each time you look at them you will be reminded of your special companion and the great years together.  Animals first, always.

I have no idea how I want to display my images? What are my options?
There are many possibilities to display your images and we will work together to create something that fits perfectly into your home.  The signature products of Nicole Begley Photography are custom designed wall art.  From canvases and frames that will fit rustic décor, to acrylic or metal artwork for modern homes there is something that will look fabulous on your walls.  Many clients love to create custom designed coffee table albums too!  You will have the opportunity to see, touch, hold, and feel many of the different product offerings during the Session Premier.  You are also welcome to schedule a complimentary visit to the Wexford studio prior to booking your session to see the different options available to you.  Digital files are available, but offer significant savings when purchased with Signature Art Products.
My dog doesn't have much time left. Is there a special session?
I’m so sorry.  Our pet’s lives are tragically short.  Tribute Sessions are available for those pets that are at the end of their time with us.  They are regular studio or on-location sessions, but I will give every effort to adjust my schedule to squeeze you in as soon as possible.
I want to create authentic portraits of my pet! How do I book?
Simply fill out the session inquiry form or give me a call at 724-766-6103.  The reservation fee is required at the time of booking to secure your session on the calendar and can be paid with a credit card.  Sessions are often booked 6-8 weeks in advance, with the exception of Tribute Sessions, which are often squeezed in last minute due to the nature of the sessions.  However, I strongly suggest that you do not delay.
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