” I am a Hello Bully Spokesbull; a rescued APBT; survivor of dogfighting, and an accredited CGC! I love tennis balls, nylabones, and soaking up the sunshine. I am Princess “Pear” Bear! I am spoiled…fruit!”   – Princess “Pear” Bear

Shortly before her third birthday in 2013, Princess “Pear” Bear was graciously rescued from a three county-wide dogfighting operation by the collaborative efforts of The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) and several law enforcement agencies in North Carolina.  While in protective custody awaiting release, her emaciated little body persevered and birthed four puppies.  One life quickly turned to five that would no longer know a life tethered to a heavy chain.  Shortly thereafter, through the HSUS Anti Dog-Fighting Coalition, Pear, along with her puppies, prepared for and made their freedom ride to Hello Bully in Pittsburgh, PA.   Pear quickly embraced her new lease on life, thrived in her rehabilitation regime, and learned day by day to what is was like to just be a dog.  Pear completed courses in basic obedience, selected a foster home, and chose her forever human.  Pear’s perseverance to lead a fulfilling life continued as she achieved her Canine Good Citizen (CGC) accreditation and ultimately became a Hello Bully Spokesbull!  With such an impressive list of accomplishments for such a petite girl in under nine months, she settled in her new home and finished out 2013 with frequent naps and started an ever-growing collection of her favorite toy; the tennis ball. Pear acted locally, quickly gained celebrity status in Pittsburgh, yet thought globally, and launched her own social media in late 2014 to spread the word on the many wonderful services Hello Bully has to offer.   Pear proudly stands in the lime light showing the world her “spoiled” yet regal ambassador American Pit Bull Terrier personality that shines with every human and animal she meets.  You can follow Princess “Pear” Bear on Instagram here.

It was such an honor to work with Pear and her mom at a Pittsburgh icon – Point State Park.  In addition to the expressive and modern images that Nicole Begley Photography is known for, Pear’s mom wanted to create something else that was very special to her.  She wanted to recreate the Hello Bully gala girl logo in a photograph.  I must admit, that this is now one of my favorite images….