“I was born in Auburndale, Florida where my mom used to teach. After hurricane Fay some students of the high school found me and brought me inside. I was scared, dirty, and covered in burrs. They helped clean me up and gave me to a staff member at the school. She couldn’t keep me, so she waited in the teacher’s lounge area after school hoping someone would notice me. My mom saw me and said how beautiful I was. She asked if my mom wanted to keep me and she said yes. My mom was a cheerleading coach at the time and didn’t want to just leave me in her office for 3 hours so she found a blanket and wrapped me up. I was so tiny I fit in her hand and I was so tired and grateful to be warm that I feel asleep for the entire the practice.”

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“We lived in Lakeland, Florida for a year before moving to a bigger house in Davenport, Florida. We lived there for a year before my dad moved in and I got a sister. I was very excited to have someone to play with, but my sister does not like to play. I do what I can to make her play with me but it usually just ends in her yelling at me and then my mom and dad yelling at both of us. My dad got transferred for work, and we moved to Sewickley about a year ago. I don’t love the cold, but I do love how often the windows are open because sitting in an open window is my favorite place.  I have been coughing a lot lately so my mom took me to the doctor and it turns out that I have tumors on lungs. I don’t feel or act sick, but they say I don’t have much time left. I love to cuddle with my mom and wait for her at the top of the steps when she gets home from work. I know that’s what she’ll miss the most.”   – Fay

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As someone that has always had cats in the home I completely understand that they are every bit as special as those slobbery dogs.   Schedule your cat photography session now.

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