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My Mom and Dad had always wanted to have professional pictures taken however due to a couple of my knee surgeries, she wasn’t sure I’d behave!  Boy was she wrong, Nicole was fabulous! She knew just how to get me to sit, look, and pose for the camera. My inner model came out!  She is definitely fluent in the language of dog.  When my Mom received my photos I remember seeing her cry tears of joy. There is one picture in particular that my Mom says captures it all. She is hugging me tightly and I loved it. Thank you Nicole.

My mom wanted to get pics of me and my sister, Sugar to have forever. She knows how cute I am! Don’t I take the best pictures ever? I had a hard time focusing and sitting still, I’m just a puppy you know! Sugar listened better than I did but Nicole got me to sit still and focus. I kept hearing a crying puppy and I would freeze & tilt my head in confusion where was that crying dog!? Mom said those are the best pictures, she called it puppy head tilt & says it melts hearts. I got lots of treats for that. Thanks Nicole!

Nicole came to my house for a tribute session after I was diagnosed with terminal cancer. I was a little unsure of her at first but she was so kind and patient with me that I warmed up in no time! She stayed for several hours while I roamed the house and posed in many different locations. She took the most exquisite pictures of me that really captured my spirit and beauty. Nicole was able to keep me calm yet playful enough to get interesting shots. My mom will be able to cherish these mementos long after I am gone.
Fay (2008-2015)

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