Hello!  I’m Nicole, an animal trainer turned pet photographer.  I’ve been obsessed with all things critter since I was a little girl.  I used to spend hours just hanging out with my childhood dog, Sadie.  She would walk me to the bus stop and be waiting for me every day when I returned.  When I started riding horses at 8 years old, I spent every spare moment at the barn.

Prior to starting Nicole Begley Photography in 2010, I spent 13 years as a zoological trainer working with everything from aardvarks to primates, and seals to free-flight birds.  I trained those animals to participate in their veterinary care with voluntary blood draws and injections, as well as show behaviors like teaching a parrot to fly around an urban park before flying back to my hand.  Every interaction with those animals was a blessing and it showed me just how incredible the human – animal bond is.

That is why I photograph pets and their people.  Those of us that know animals realize that each and every one has a personality, and, tragically, their time with us is short.   My goal is to have each animal’s unique personality shine through in their images for you to remember these moments for a lifetime.  

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The stuffy official bio…

Nicole Begley, M.Photog.Cr, CPP, is an animal trainer turned pet photographer and the creator of the #selfiedog movement.  In addition to creating gorgeous custom artwork of her furry subjects and their favorite people, Nicole travels the world teaching pet photographers from every corner of this incredible planet.  She’s known online as the creator of Hair of the Dog – a resource to help pet photographers follow their passion and live their dreams.

Nicole has also authored a book Pet and Horse Photography for Everybody – which is available at bookstores nationwide, as well as Amazon.  A member of PPA (Professional Photographers of America) since 2010, Nicole has earned her Master of Photography degree, Photographic Craftsman degree, as well as her Certified Professional Photographer designation. Her work has won several awards at local and district competition, as well as a four-time medalist in the International Print Competition.

When not photographing furry faces, Nicole is chasing a never-ending summer, planning world adventures, seeking out the world’s best bakeries, mixing chocolate martinis, holding down the wife and mom roles, picking up dog poop, and acting as chief of staff to Emma cat.  #reallife


The Dream Team

Woof!  I’m Zoey!  I’m a Puerto Rican specialty pup, known as a Sato….what that really means is I’m the best mutt ever.  I hit the lottery when The Sato Project saved me after some poor excuse for a human left me drowning in a bucket at only 2 weeks of age.  After I was old enough, I hopped on a flight to the land of big dreams…New York City!  My mom met me there and I’ve been invading her personal space ever since….and trying to catch ALL of the chipmunks in the greater metro area.

Cat in studio

Meow.  I’m Emma and let’s be clear, I run the show around here.  I was here before the dog – and I plan to be here long after the dog.  My favorite parts of the day are walking all over mom’s computer, drinking from her fresh cup of water, and flaunting my power over my canine sister.  Let’s be honest though…sometimes I knock things off of the counters just to watch the world burn. 

It's your pet's time to shine....

They give us unconditional love, let's create artwork that will last a lifetime.

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It's simple, really.  Animals first.  Nicole Begley Photography captures your furry family in Charlotte, NC and Pittsburgh, PA.

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